Peacekeepers of Russia


Worst-case scenario for Netanyahu: Russian military sent to Gaza to help Palestinians

Russian troops are sent to the Gaza Strip as peacekeepers.

The Russian military may be involved in a peacekeeping mission in the Gaza Strip in order to de-escalate tensions between the Palestinians and Israel, as a result of which dozens of civilians were killed and several hundred more were injured. This statement was made by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who noted that only with joint actions of Russia and Turkey in the region it will finally be possible to achieve a calm situation.

“Erdogan noted that the demonstration that the Russian Federation and the Turkish Republic share their position on the events in Jerusalem is an important message. Erdogan said that it is important for the UN Security Council to intervene in the situation to prevent the further escalation of the crisis. Erdogan noted that it is also necessary to work out the idea of ​​sending international security forces to the region to protect Palestinian civilians. The Turkish President expressed confidence that Ankara and Moscow will cooperate at the UN ", - reported in the administration of the Turkish president.

Analysts and experts have already called such actions the worst scenario for Israel, which, in fact, will be squeezed from two sides and will no longer be able to interfere in any way in the affairs of Palestine and the Gaza Strip, not to mention the fact that the Israeli military will be under constant control. Russian military.

At the moment, Russia has not officially commented on the dispatch of its peacekeeping forces, however, it is obvious that such a proposal will be very interesting for Moscow.

Then the world will definitely not be
Hamas will fire at Israel, Israel will respond, Russian soldiers will fall into the epicenter of the explosion and will be like in Georgia, Russia will defend its borders, already in Israel ...