Houthis attack a merchant ship off the coast of Yemen

A merchant ship was attacked in the Red Sea, off the southwestern coast of Yemen. According to a message from the UK Navy's Maritime Trade Coordination Office (UKMTO), the attack occurred at about 03:35 Moscow time, 40 nautical miles (approximately 74 km) south of the port of Moha. Two missiles were fired at the ship, however, fortunately, the crew was not injured and the ship continued moving to the port.

It is reported that in the fall of 2023, the Yemeni Houthis began attacking US and British ships, as well as those ships that they consider to be associated with Israel. Such actions, according to the Houthis, are support for the Gaza Strip in the context of a military conflict with Israel. However, despite the stated motives, ships that were not directly related to Israel were also involved in the attacks.

The situation in the Red Sea remains tense amid the escalation of the international conflict. The UK and US, acting as part of an international coalition, have been striking Houthi-controlled targets in Yemen since early January in response to aggressive actions against maritime vessels.


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