Ship explosion


Hussites are ready to shoot the American aircraft carrier "Harry S. Truman" 10 kilometers from their shores - no air defense system can cope with this

The Hussites deployed cruise and ballistic missiles 10 kilometers from the USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier.

Yemeni rebels recalled the US air strikes on Yemen and are ready to launch the American aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman, which will be only 10-15 kilometers from the Husite-controlled territory, to the bottom of the Bab el Strait. To do this, the Hussites are armed with both cruise and ballistic missiles that can turn an aircraft carrier into a sieve and send it to the bottom.

According to experts, a ship detained a few days ago off the coast of Yemen with warheads may indicate that the Hussites really planned a powerful attack against the American aircraft carrier, which is completely useless in the waters of the Bab el Mandeb Strait and, in fact, will be for winged and ballistic missiles are an extremely easy target.

Specialists also pay attention to the fact that the Hussites have quite advanced air defense systems in their arsenal, and therefore patrolling the US air force near the border with Yemen also carries a certain danger.

Nevertheless, according to analysts, the Yemeni rebels are well aware of what the escalation of the conflict could lead to, which, incidentally, is also recognized by the American military, who do not want to turn their aircraft carrier strike group into a giant target for ballistic and cruise missiles, as well as drones. " kamikaze ”, which, at a similar distance, none of the existing air defense systems can handle.