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Houthis attack US and Israeli ships in the Red Sea

Yemen's Houthis have stepped up their attack against US, Israeli and British shipping in the Red and Arabian Seas, using drones and anti-ship missiles. According to the military representative of the Ansar Allah movement, Yahya Saria, on the Al Masirah TV channel, the Yemeni naval forces attacked American ships in the indicated waters and attacked the Israeli ship MSC Silver in the Gulf of Aden. The movement also hit targets in Eilat, a city in southern Israel, using drones.

These attacks were part of the Houthis' response to Israeli military operations against the Palestinian Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip, which began in the fall of 2023. In response to the actions of the Houthis, Washington and London formed an international coalition, starting on January 12 to strike targets of the movement in Yemen. According to a Feb. 18 statement from U.S. Central Command, the U.S. military confirmed for the first time that the Houthis are using underwater drones in their attacks.

The escalation of the conflict and the use of new methods of warfare by the Houthis, including attacks on shipping vessels and the use of underwater drones, underscore the growing tension in the region.


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