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Hussites suddenly canceled a new strike on Saudi Arabia

The Hussites decided to cancel a new strike on Saudi Arabia.

On the eve of the day, information appeared on social networks that a new blow could be dealt to Saudi Arabia this weekend. Judging by a number of data, it was planned to strike again at the largest oil production and oil refining facilities in Saudi Arabia, however, at the last moment, it was decided to cancel the attack.

The reason for this was the proposal of Saudi Arabia to organize a temporary truce, moreover, Riyadh promised to abandon the escalation of the situation with Yemeni rebels, against which the latter refused another attack, which, according to preliminary data, should have been one of the largest.

“We stop attacking the territory of Saudi Arabia with drones and other weapons. We expect Saudi Arabia to take steps to end all types of attacks on Yemen’s territory. ”- said the head of the political council of the pro-Iranian Shiite movement Ansar Allah.

The reason for declaring a peace ceasefire, obviously, was the lack of opportunities to ensure the security of the airspace of Saudi Arabia.