The Houthis tried to seize a sea vessel, giving the order to enter their waters

The UK Maritime Trade Authority said it had received information regarding an order issued by an organization calling itself the Yemeni authorities to a ship to change course in the southern Red Sea. According to current data, there is no information about attacks or attempts to hijack the vessel.

In its statement, the agency advised ships in the area to exercise caution and report any suspicious activity.

The announcement comes as the Yemeni Ansar Allah movement, which controls the government in Sanaa, announced its intention to attack Israeli ships in the Red Sea and the Bab al-Mandab Strait. The movement previously attacked three ships associated with Tel Aviv in connection with Israeli actions in the Gaza Strip.

The strange message came amid threats from the United States to declare war on the Houthis, using the existing potential of groups in the region.


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