Houthis damage fiber optic submarine cables at the bottom of the Red Sea

As a result of sabotage actions attributed to the Yemeni Ansar Allah movement (Houthis), four fiber optic cables running under the Red Sea and providing an Internet connection between Europe and Asia were damaged. This was reported by the Israeli publication Globes, noting that the incident has already led to serious disruptions in intercontinental Internet connections. The damaged cables, located between Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and Djibouti in East Africa, belong to major telecommunications operators AAE-1, Seacom, EIG and TGN.

The Israeli publication indicates that repair work will require at least eight weeks, highlighting the scale of the problem and the impact on the region's Internet infrastructure. The Houthis, who have previously warned of plans to attack undersea internet cables in response to the US-led coalition, appear to be demonstrating their determination and technical ability to carry out such operations. The depth of the cables, reaching 4-5 kilometers, indicates the complexity and high degree of organization of the operation.

Cable damage not only causes immediate inconvenience to internet users in many countries, but also highlights the vulnerability of critical infrastructure in conflict situations.


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