Shot down a drone


Husits ​​shot down by a drone accompanying American aircraft carrier Harry Truman

Yemeni rebels destroyed the drone, which provided protection for the American aircraft carrier.

A few hours ago, the Yemeni rebel movement Ansar Allah announced the destruction of another aircraft that violated the country's territory. Nevertheless, as it turned out, the unmanned aerial vehicle, according to preliminary data, owned by the Saudi Arabian Air Force, could escort and protect the American aircraft carrier Harry Truman, which was heading for the Persian Gulf.

“The Ansar Allah (Husita) movement announced this afternoon that their forces shot down an enemy aircraft over the northern region of Yemen. According to Al-Masira TV channel, Ansar Allah’s forces stated that “their air defense equipment shot down a coalition reconnaissance aircraft when it flew over the Kassara area near Kathf east of Saad and followed from the Najran sector in the south-west of the country ". The channel did not give details about the operation. ", - the Arab edition of Al Masdar News reports.

Speech, according to preliminary data, may be about the next reconnaissance-shock unmanned aerial vehicle MQ-9 Reaper, which could well carry out reconnaissance, with the aim of ensuring the safe passage of the U.S. Navy carrier strike group through the Bab el-Mandeb Strait, especially since According to Al Masdar News, the drone was shot down relatively close to the territorial waters of Yemen (the city of Saad is located 120 kilometers from the coast of Yemen - approx. ed.).

According to preliminary estimates, we can talk about the next use of the modernized Soviet air defense system, however, due to the lack of any comments from the Hussites, this information is in great doubt.