Attack of the Hussites


Houthis destroyed the largest base of the Saudi army and mercenaries

The largest base of the Saudi forces in Yemen was destroyed by the Houthis to the ground.

Yemeni rebels successfully destroyed the largest base of Saudi forces and mercenaries, in fact, demolishing it to its very foundations and eliminating the military stationed there. This base was one of the largest Saudi mercenary bases and the center of their 26th Brigade in the south of Marib.

In the video footage presented, you can see the moment of the most powerful attack by the Yemeni rebels on the base of the Saudi military and mercenaries, which, allegedly, was subjected to massive missile attacks, including the use of tactical missile systems of Soviet and Iranian production.

The Saudi side, as well as the Yemeni government forces, do not comment on the destruction of the largest military facility in Yemen. Given the powerful advancement of the Houthis over the past 72 hours, they could take control of Yemen in just a few weeks.

At the moment, several large regions of the country are surrounded by the Yemeni rebels. After gaining control over them, the Houthis will be able to control up to 40% of the territory of Yemen.

According to some reports, at the Saudi Arabia military base destroyed by the Houthis, there were several hundred units of military equipment, warehouses with weapons and ammunition, vehicles and several thousand soldiers and mercenaries, whose fate remains unknown.