IATA predicts profit growth of the aviation industry

IATA predicts profit growth of the aviation industry

International Air Transport Association estimated earnings corrected the aviation industry. Adjustments were subjected forecasts due to rising fuel prices. Therefore, compared to the June forecast, IATA statement today on 7,9 percent lower.

IATA forecasts the greatest profit for enterprises in North America, while the profits of Russian aircraft builders will grow slower than the world average. At a loss, most likely, will leave African aviation enterprises. The lack of funds will be about 100 million dollars.

The Air Transport Association expects that in the near future the aviation industry will increase its revenues by fifty-eight percent. It is planned that by the end of 2013 the industry's profit will be 16,4 billion dollars, while in 2012 this indicator was equal to 7 billion.

The International Air Transport Association believes that such growth can be linked to the creation of joint international enterprises. Also, a big role will be played by the merger of companies. In particular, the two largest enterprises of North America - AMR Corporation and USAirways - will complete the merger process by the beginning of 2014.

The association also predicts an increase in the flow of airline passengers. Most likely, it will be about five percent. And the expected workload of aviation lines this year should be a record number for the world - 80,2%.

The reason for this slow growth in the Russian aviation industry is the rapid increase in fuel prices, increased charges for air navigation equipment and expensive aircraft leasing. In this regard, Russian enterprises show themselves to be completely unprofitable in the domestic market and demonstrate a low level of profitability in the external aviation market.



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