Fighting is underway: Venezuela has invaded the disputed Guyana-Essequibo region

There is a massive escalation of conflict between Venezuela and Guyana-Essequibo, caused by the desire of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to establish control over the disputed region. At the same time, against the backdrop of the likely intervention of Brazil and the US Armed Forces in support of Guyana, the situation is escalating.

The situation is especially tense in the air. Venezuela is armed with Su-30MKV multirole fighters, S-300VM and Buk-M2E anti-aircraft missile systems, which could lead to air battles involving Brazilian JAS-39E "Gripen-NG". The advantage of Brazilian aircraft may be the availability of ES-05 "Raven" AESA radars and MBDA "Meteor" air-to-air missiles.

The escalation of the conflict is exacerbated by the fact that the disputed Guyana-Essequibo region is rich in oil and minerals. According to media reports, Venezuela's invasion of Guyana was carried out on two fronts, including an advance along the coast and through an indigenous reserve.

The Brazilian Air Force, in turn, is on alert to respond to the movement of Venezuelan military equipment and personnel near the border with Guyana.


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