Rocket firing


ISIS calls for bombing Israel with rockets and chemical weapons: official statement

Islamic State terrorists * decided to start bombing Israel.

Contrary to the fact that in recent years, Islamic State terrorists (ISIS, a terrorist group officially banned in Russia - ed.) Did not attempt to attack Israel, during an official statement by ISIS militants, the latter declared the beginning of a full-scale military campaign against the Jewish state, threatening to use missiles and chemical weapons.

“An important point is the announcement of a new stage related to the emergence of a new group leader. It consists in removing more attention to the “liberation” of Jerusalem from the rule of the Jews. A fragment on this topic calls for breaking ties with the Hamas movement, which is sympathetic to the Shiites, mourning Kassem Suleimani. Also, the official representative of the group calls on the militants of the so-called “Sham and Sinai Vilayats” to send additional resources to the fight against Israel, including using missiles equipped with chemical munitions to bombard the territory of this state, and the Palestinians are invited to unleash a full-scale personal terror against the Jewish population. According to the official representative of the group, all this is necessary in order to prevent the implementation of the so-called “deal of the century” to resolve the conflict between Israel and Palestine. ”- приводит Directorate 4 information.

Official Tel Aviv has not yet commented on a statement by ISIS official speaker Abu Hamza Al-Qureishi, however, this could be a very serious blow to the Jewish state, especially since the latter is actually squeezed between Lebanon, Syria and Egypt, not to mention already about the alleged threat from Iran.

Yigil - is controlled by the Israeli secret services and the State Department, all that Yigil does is only with their submission. When Igil could really inflict substantial damage on Israel, he fought with his neighbors. Today they play the role of provocateurs, it is not clear only to the brains of the State Department strategists - who consider the whole world - idiots ..