Igor Girkin refused to join the Wagner PMC

Girkin said that he was not going to become a mercenary for Wagner PMC.

The Russian politician and former defense minister of the DPR has officially announced that he does not intend to join the ranks of the private military company Wagner due to insults and accusations from Yevgeny Prigozhin. Girkin called his decision on this matter final.

According to Girkin, he really received a request to be nominated to Luhansk to discuss the issue of joining the Wagner PMC unit.

“Yesterday I had a phone conversation with Andrey Nikolayevich Troshev about organizing a meeting on my possible participation in hostilities as part of the Wagner PMC. It was about me moving to Lugansk within two days for a personal conversation. To which I made my promise"Girkin said.

However, Gikrin emphasized that due to the accusations by Prigozhin and false statements against him, he excludes the possibility of joining the PMC.

“The last public speech by Mr. Prigozhin, in which a stream of the most outright lies addressed to me, completely excludes the possibility of my participation in this PMC. I will not be able to serve under the leadership of a man who openly accused me of betraying Russia. Not to mention the dirty insults that accompanied these accusations."Girkin emphasized.

It should be noted that in his recent statement, Prigozhin really insulted Girkin, accusing him of surrendering Slavyansk, while earlier there was information that Girkin was planned to be sent to the Wagner PMC not as a commander, but as an ordinary attack aircraft, with which the latter clearly did not agree.


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