Ilham Aliyev


Ilham Aliyev announced plans to capture Syunik and Sevan in Armenia

The President of Azerbaijan announced plans to seize part of the territory of Armenia.

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev,

in his speech he stated that the Azerbaijani authorities will ensure the connection of Nakhichevan with the territory of Azerbaijan, using for this the Syunik region of Armenia. Obviously, it is for this reason that Azerbaijani forces are actively deployed not only in the regions bordering on the Syunik region, but also transferred to the territory of Armenia itself.

“Western Zangezur (Syunik region of Armenia - editor's note) is currently under the control of Armenia. But as a result of laying the Zangezur corridor, we, of course, using it, will return our citizens to the land of their ancestors ... There are such plans and this is natural. Because our citizens were forcibly expelled from the territory of Armenia not only from the Zangezur mahal, but also from Goych. And they have every right to live in the land of their ancestors. We left it for the next stage. "- said the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev during a solemn speech at the raising of the Azerbaijani flag in Karvachar.

Such a statement by Aliyev raises a lot of questions, especially since a few days ago the President of Azerbaijan claimed that the war was over and Baku had no intentions to renew clashes with Armenia.

Today, Russian troops are located in the Syunik region of Armenia, and, obviously, it is for this reason that the Azerbaijani army does not run the risk of conducting military operations against Armenia.

By agreement, the Syunik region is transferred to Azerbaijan. They just don’t tell the Armenians about it, because it’s not the time. Gradually, Syunik will be handed over to Azerbaijan. This is according to the rules of war, the losing side loses territory. If Pashinyan had not signed the surrender, then the 30000th army in Karabakh could have simply been destroyed. Then there would be no question of the return of Armenians to Artsakh. The war was stopped in exchange for the Syunik region. And we are not talking about the status of Artsakh. Karabakh Azerbaijani land p

you Azerbazhans were so hardwashed that you are even talking all sorts of nonsense ... Coca-Cola is even older than your Azerbaijan !!!!
is not it!!!!! and you are talking about the true history .... you can write anything with words ... and you prove, show, the true history of Azerbaijan? with territories? find now the Internet has everything !!! look at ancient maps ... study history ... then write ...

What lands can nomads have?

Have you seen them personally?

once lived means the primordial land?) do you live in russia, europe, america comes out in 100 years it will become your ancestral land? Are you seriously?

Here are the ones! These Armenians temporarily live in the Azerbaijani Zangezur, Azerbaijani Goych, Azerbaijani Irevan and other Azerbaijani lands. And we will definitely return there, do not even hesitate!

You forgot about the American and British brigadier generals, about Zhukov and Stalin, as well as Genghis Khan !!!

Yah!)). What a literate) ..

Azeris should not and will not be on the territory of Armenia. You have your state, live there. There is no place for you in Armenia.

No, place the Armenians wherever you want, but not to Azerbaijan.

What story are you talking about? Invented or true?

How much do you know. You can publish the book from 3 pages.

And also the shameful Minister of Defense of Armenia Tonoyan yelled that "a new war - we will take new territories of Azerbaijan" and "we will drink tea in Baku." Everyone knows how it ended ...

This will undoubtedly happen, and Moscow will support. Pashinyan is Soros's henchman!

If you said it means it will be, do not hesitate.

A small reference for everyone.
Everyone forgot how the first war in Karabakh began. Everyone says that Azerbaijan liberated its lands, etc.

This is absolutely not the case.

Azerbaijan started the first war against the Armenian people of Karabakh. It was the Azerbaijanis who attacked the defenseless Armenian towns and villages. They bombed Stepanakert with planes and hail. It was they who, during the operation "Ring", together with the internal troops of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs, expelled all civilians of Armenian villages from the lowland Karabakh / Shahumyan region /, while killing more than 100 people. They, together with the 328th Airborne Regiment of the 104th Airborne Division, under the command of Shamanov, attacked the Armenian city of Martakert and captured it. During the fighting, 79 Armenian servicemen were taken prisoner, the fate of which is still unknown, and so on and so on.

The Armenians of Karabakh did not have the strength and means to resist. Then Armenia and all the Armenians of the world hurried to help. All this ended with the fact that in 1994 Azerbaijan in Bishkek signed a shameful agreement on a ceasefire.

And the buffer zone around Karabakh was created in accordance with all the laws of military science.

Azerbaijan talks about its victory in the 44 day war.

A man should be ashamed to say that.

From the very first days of the war, Turkish generals removed all Azerbaijanis from the command of the troops and all operations on the ground and in the air, they were in command. Turkish special forces, Syrian militants, the Avgan mujahideen of Hekmatyar, Azerbaijani troops and a few Pakistanis took part in the battles.

In fact, the Armenian troops alone fought the terrorist international, which fought with Turkish and Israeli weapons.

So ancient ar-viruses always prevail here. As you know, they have been living on earth since the day the planet was formed. You can only disperse them with dichlorvos, but, unfortunately, for the last 35 years, it has not been sold in retail chains.

They also said before the war, saying that if we start in Baku, we will be ...

Dreaming is not harmful, he just studied history poorly at school.
will raise his hand to Zangezur will receive a tank.

For what, and most importantly, whose interests is Ilham allowed to mock Russia? for the financial interests of the Kremlin bosses of billionaires?

Themselves made porridge, now they came to their senses, they say, "we will wave without looking," we realized that we had lost

So let's return also 300 thousand Armenians to Baku, to Kirovobad, where half of the population was Armenian, to the Shahumyan district from where all the residents were evicted and who were Armenians.
There were 100 thousand Azerbaijanis who were forced to leave Armenia, and almost 400 thousand Armenians.
Let's wave without looking !?

The contract dated 10.11.2020 contains a clause on the return of refugees to their native places of residence. And we have a million refugees.

The author is clearly Armenian ...
Aliyev said, and it is written clearly and clearly, that the Azerbaijanis, who were forcibly expelled from these territories of Armenia, must RETURN TO THEIR LAND. !!!!



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