Elon Musk begins testing a combat drone equipped with an artificial intelligence system

The Pentagon announced the testing of an artificial intelligence system by Ilon Mask on a combat drone.

The U.S. Department of Defense has announced the start of testing the artificial intelligence system on a combat drone. The system was previously developed by Elon Musk, and if testing is successful, then in the future the United States may well receive a completely new unmanned combat aircraft.

“The United States Air Force decided to conduct an experiment in July 2021, in which a manned fighter and an unmanned aerial vehicle controlled by an artificial intelligence system fight in an air battle. This was during a distance event held at the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Research of the Air Force Association, said Lieutenant General Jack Shanahan, who heads the Pentagon's Joint Center for Artificial Intelligence. The military did not disclose the details of the planned experiment. In May, the head of SpaceX, an American company, Elon Musk, called a remotely controlled human drone as the killer of a fifth-generation F-35 Lightning II fighter. According to the engineer, the aircraft against the drone “would have no chance” ”, - reports the Russian information publication

It should be clarified that today the development of systems that allow controlling combat aircraft without the direct participation of humans is the main problem for the transition to the use of sixth generation fighters, however, similar developments are being carried out in Russia, in particular, it was previously reported that systems for sixth generation fighters are tested on the basis of the Su-57.

Yandex and cognitive technologies working on autopilot software can also adapt auto software for air combat