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The incident on the plane "Victory" caused a violent resonance in society

The incident aboard the "Victory" has led to a sharp resonance in the society.

At the moment, the incident that occurred on board the Pobeda airplane, when the volleyball player of the Fakel club was removed from the flight, is gaining momentum, and in addition to ordinary citizens, politicians are also joining in for Kimerov, in particular, Vladimir is a typical example Zhirinovsky, who blamed the low-budget carrier for incompetence. Moreover, on the fact of this incident, an official investigation is already being conducted, which will allow to establish whether a plane case actually had a case of debauch, or, the crew of the aircraft simply slandered the athlete.

Experts point out the fact that this case certainly affect the reputation of the carrier.

It's volleyball, not basketball players are different in height and is not always very high, it is necessary to understand what you say

Generally very interesting for someone created victory if you can not take with them the luggage free. The question arises who travel without luggage?

After the bankruptcy of Transaero in the market was left alone as a monopoly that wants and applies to passengers which wants such prices are all set. Aeroflot was asleep and saw that its monopoly postion spit on passengers.

It's a madhouse ... and a sample of the state's attitude to all its citizens ... Swine and cattle in the airline, specifically - on this flight! The man was quite polite to them, and they called the cops ... Madhouse !!!

And my opinion! We must file a lawsuit and claim "lemon" for moral damage! Here they put shoes on a pensioner for 400 thousand ... and is it okay !?

Yes, this is not only a "victory"! The so-called NordStar managed to delay the flight from Domodedovo to Essentuki by as much as 8 hours! At the same time, she made the landing of air passengers for departure at 22-30 on boarding documents for the time of departure 17-45 !? I had insurance against flight delays ... boarding pass stubs are linden (at 17-45), no one deigned, at my request, to mark the actual departure time at 22-30! Got only a 17-45 stamp !!!? There is a clear answer to the request for a certificate of the actual departure of the aircraft ... 20 days !!! I am a pensioner, I flew to a sanatorium for treatment. Tickets are paid for me upon presentation of documents ... but there are no documents (no money either) and through the fault of the AIRLINE (I think so)! Here's a story friends. It's time to put things in order, I agree with Zhirinovsky!

I am extremely surprised at the existence of such a strange airline called Victory. I thought that at least in such things as transportation of people and service in the sky can not be used as a fraud. And then pure scam, worse MMM.

I worked with a flight attendant on 1977gg 1983. For a similar incident foreman removed-would be on duty at 3 months. I work out how the robot should, should. The passenger agreed to swap places do not understand why you can not go to a meeting.
B e h a b r a s and e !!!

Nonsense all this. But what about the other team members are located and knees climbed. Yes, I crowded, but there was no need to vyezhivatsya for it and kicked.

Airlines have to apologize for this nonsense - knees sticking out - so thrown out of the passenger aircraft. A flight attendant fired, a senior flight attendant - a reprimand with the deprivation of the award, the person performing the preflight briefing - suspended from work pending investigation. Pozornik.



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