India intends to replace Rafale fighters purchased from France less than a year ago with Russian Su-35

The Indian authorities intend to discuss with Russia in the very near future the possibility of acquiring Russian Su-35 fighters, which it recently called useless, in order to replace the Rafale fighters purchased from France a few months ago, which simply turned out to be useless for the conduct of hostilities against the PRC and Pakistan.

"India, as part of the modernization of its Air Force, may make a large-scale purchase of Russian-made combat vehicles," the Russian news publication reports.

It is not known exactly how many combat aircraft can be discussed, however, given India's interest, experts believe that New Delhi can buy 24 Russian fighters.

“Having chosen French fighters, India is already starting to bite its elbows, because these aircraft are probably good enough in air combat, however, they are completely useless against air defense means,” the analyst notes.