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India: If the United States imposes sanctions on C-400, the answer will be overwhelming

India responded to US threats to impose sanctions on the purchase of Russian C-400.

Indian authorities are actively discussing Washington’s intentions to impose sanctions on this country for buying Russian C-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems. At the moment, it has been decided to respond to the United States with a complete rupture of relations in many areas, and to switch to cooperation with the main competitors of the United States of America, including this applies to Russia and a number of European countries.

“India will adapt to US sanctions. And ultimately, India will deepen its partnership with Russia. India has many options for suppliers in the global market. The same Russia, France or Sweden will gladly help India with weapons. ”, - experts note.

Moreover, India can create a number of difficulties for the main partners of the United States, moreover, both in the region and on the planet as a whole, which will be the most severe response from the Indian authorities.

Nevertheless, it is important to bear in mind that not everyone shares the position of India, in particular, we are talking about Pakistan, whose authorities note that with the sale of C-400 “Triumph”, Russia creates tension in the region.

“We oppose any arms race in South Asia and propose measures to encourage restraint, otherwise it will lead to a domino effect, both in nuclear terms and in terms of conventional weapons”- said in a statement the authorities of Pakistan.

Today, the issue of buying Russian C-400 anti-missile systems Triumph is considered by three more countries - Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, which, according to Washington, creates a threat to the national interests of the United States of America.

Only the presence of C-400 allows for a truly independent policy.

If the United States imposes sanctions on India, it will sharply and critically increase and numerically increase the forces opposing its foreign policy. Which can lead to a loss. And if they do not introduce them, they will publicly demonstrate their own weakness and emptiness of threats that will cease to frighten anyone. Here is a "fork".

India is India. I would look like any France would try to give a hint about buying c-400. Yes, they only relieve from such thoughts.

Wow, I wanted to sue the US for what they do not blame me for this pogrom))))))



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