Armata tank


India wants to buy 1770 T-14 Armata tanks

India may receive 1770 Armata tanks.

According to data available to the news agency, India intends to purchase 1770 medium-class tanks. At the moment, a corresponding tender has been announced, and although the Russian T-14 Armata tank does not belong to the class of medium tanks, a request for the sale of these combat vehicles was sent to Rosoboronexport, which could make India the largest buyer of Russian heavy tanks, and the contract itself could be the largest ever.

“This new generation battle tank, equipped with an active defense system, can intercept and destroy incoming missiles and works against all types of anti-tank missiles. But what makes it special for India is its suitability for high-altitude warfare. ", - reports the publication "Eurasian Times".

Based on what requirements India will choose the supplier of 1770 tanks - it is not known, but for Russia this can be very important.

According to experts, the United States will most likely try to prevent India from acquiring Russian tanks, for example, by imposing sanctions for the purchase of Russian weapons, however, as practice has shown with the S-400 Triumph complexes, this is not a big problem for New Delhi.