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India bought French Rafale fighters instead of Russian Su-30

India bought the French Rafale fighters instead of the Russian Su-30MKI.

Despite the relatively high cost of the French Rafale fighters, India still decided to purchase these combat aircraft instead of the Russian Su-30MKI, while they spent enormous funds on the purchase of the French Indian Air Force planes, although according to the arguments of the same Western analysts, Rafale fighters do not have any or any advantage over the Russian Su-30MKI.

According to current data, the Indian Air Force has already begun to receive the first French-made combat fighters for service, as evidenced by photographs of Rafale aircraft with the country's Air Force identification marks.

It is noteworthy that India initially considered the possibility of acquiring Russian Su-30MKI fighters, which had a much lower cost, but, of course, it was decided to opt for Rafale.

It should be noted that specifically for the purchase of French combat aircraft in India, 56 million dollars were additionally spent on the creation of the corresponding infrastructure.

What exactly determines the choice of the Indian Air Force is not known, but earlier the Russian Su-30MKI were criticized in India due to frequent emergency situations.

Duck as far as I know, India chose between instant 35 and Raphael.

I wonder how many valiant Ukrainian soldiers died during the defense of Crimea, and why did not they defeat the "cursed Evil Empire"?

I wonder how many valiant Ukrainian soldiers died defending the Crimea and why did not defeat the Evil Empire?

Tolya! In India, there is already a factory where we put technology and now we are sending materials from threads to metal.

Nobody wants to be friends with Russians. Only Syria and North Korea remained. Just think, why? Is it possible, because Russia has occupied Crimea? Or because there is not a single power that has managed to be an ally of Russia? All poor, all not free.
Russia remains an evil empire.

Their right. They won or lost - time will tell. There are apparently reasons for this. We need to draw conclusions.

Planes must be able to (!!) fly !! Also, "Rafali" will ruin. Someone in the Indian Ministry of Defense received a non-acid bribe.

The fact that the Indians bought from the French Rafali for a lot of money is very good! Good for Russia! Than? The most important answer to the arrogant Indians in the next negotiations! Hindus have 120 fighters and half of them were built on their territory, for which the seller had to transfer technology to the Indians. The French did not go for it, but the Indians still bought airplanes. Now, if the Indians beg for new planes from Russia, it will be possible for them to “bend” them only for sale, and not transfer any technology!

There is an opinion among experts involved in the sale of weapons that the French pay very good kickbacks, so what about the high cost it is like someone))

Bollivub did not miss our sou30. it’s more convenient to dance on the Rafael. just the films have already been invented - the pilot dances on the wing of a flying rafael - and throws rockets at the enemy with his hand !!!

India decided not to put all the eggs in one basket, on the one hand they have the MIG-21 in service, taken out of service in the USSR 40 years ago and they would not be in the way of a modern fighter, but they do not like Russian-Chinese and Russian-Pakistani relations. Hindus can be understood.

need youth in aviation massively

It would be better to be friends with brains ...

We need to stuff more cotton in the quilted jacket, then I can survive this day.

All the flowery words of the Indian Prime Minister against Russia and the Russian President are not worth a penny. No wonder the prominent thinker of the Middle Ages Wang Shouzhen (Yangming) said: "Cunning words - doubts multiply ...".



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