India may abandon Russian fighters and helicopters due to Western sanctions

A $15 billion contract between India and Russia is in jeopardy.

Due to the massive sanctions imposed on Russia by Western countries, there is a risk that India may refuse to conclude a contract with Russia worth about $15 billion. This information was published by the Eurasian Times, noting that Delhi may consider buying foreign weapons, fearing that the purchase of Russian weapons may affect the introduction of sanctions against India, although the latter actions are completely unprofitable.

“Ongoing negotiations between India and Russia on significant defense deals have recently been fraught with uncertainty. The purchase of more MiG-29 and Su-30 fighters, as well as Ka-226T multi-purpose helicopters in Russia, for example, is doubtful. However, these plans have not been abandoned so far. Experts believe that New Delhi favors Russian weapons because they are cheaper than their Western counterparts. Military analyst Vijender K. Thakur said 114 fighter jets will be purchased for the Indian Air Force as part of a $20 billion multirole fighter program. According to Brigadier General Rahul Bhonsle (ret.), Director of the Security Risk Advisory Group in New Delhi, India's overall military strength will not be affected in the short term as current levels will be based on existing weaponry, equipment, spare parts and support equipment.- сообщает edition of the Eurasian Times

At the same time, there are no direct indications that India plans to refuse to conclude contracts with Russia, especially since, in fact, India will not be able to quickly acquire Western weapons, and in this regard, Russia is the most important partner for Delhi.