India called the most advanced aircraft engines of the Su-57 fighter, backward

India has criticized the most advanced engines in the world.

India has criticized the most advanced and maneuverable Russian aircraft engine for fifth generation fighters. Russian technologies, which, incidentally, affect both the United States and China, in India decided to be called backward, although a few months ago in India they actively discussed the possible acquisition of Russian power plants.

“Sources said that although the first two AMCA squadrons will be equipped with a GE 414 engine of American origin, the project will be clarified in the coming months, provided that DRDO begins a parallel process to build an aircraft engine manufacturing plant with foreign cooperation. “A clear path to the development of our own aircraft engine is very important, and it should be implemented as part of the AMCA program, which is actively supported. According to the Indian establishment, the engine technology needed for future aircraft is available in countries such as France, the UK and the United States, while Russia’s traditional ally lags behind in this area. The Indian side also seeks not to repeat the flaw in the Chinese weapons development program, where the lack of a reliable aircraft engine program is seen as an obstacle. ”, - reports "The Economic Times».

Based on what exactly India made such conclusions, it remains unknown so far, however, experts believe that Delhi simply could not agree with Russia on the supply of these power plants for the needs of India.

“It is not excluded that Russia could simply refuse to sell engines from Su-57 fighters to India, and therefore, criticism of Russian technologies began from that country, which India has no idea at all. Technically, the Indian Air Force got stuck in the last century, continuing to operate the MiG-21 fighters, which are no longer suitable for air combat ", - the expert marks.

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If the future Indian aircraft engines will be made by the same engineers as programmers writing Indian software, then Russia may not be worried about its aircraft industry.
These craftsmen are already a parable.

India is the world's leading aircraft engine country. Its specialists are worth its weight in gold. In general, a camp with money under the mattress ...

This is just a business. The main task is to reduce the price and gain access to technology. Hindus play their game. Comparison with Krylov's fable - not in the eyebrow, but in the eye!

What the author is talking about, completely unaware of the topic, Now the AL-57F41 engines are being installed on the Su-1, THIS IS A 4 ++ GENERATION ENGINE. THEY ARE THE ENGINES OF THE FIRST STAGE OF TESTS AND OPERATION OF SU-57. They are digitally controlled and they are capable of developing a speed equal to 2 sound speeds without cruising mode, in cruise mode. They just put on stream (mass production). And in the future they will be put on the Su-35S and the upgraded Su-30. Now the Su-57 is undergoing flight tests of a completely new engine of the 5th generation of Pub. 30. True, just recently. the other day, the first flight of the Su-57 with a new engine ended in disaster, as they say the first pancake is lumpy. But they learn from mistakes and correct them. India admitted its mistake and the impossibility of creating an airplane and, especially, an engine of the 5th generation. And is the author either not aware or deliberately distorting the picture?

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India, all the time, is trying to underestimate any data of certain weapons of Russia, so that they are offered to buy cheap and very cheap. Well, they have such a "bazaar" -like in the bazaar.

The situation from A. Krylov’s fable "Fox and Grapes" is clearly visible ...