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India will not receive the F-35 as well as the Su-57

The Chinese press examines the state of affairs in the Indian Air Force. The emphasis is on the fact that India, after leaving the joint FGFA program with Russia, has virtually no chance of getting a fifth-generation fighter in the coming years.

Sohu Chinese Edition:

Indian dreams of 5th generation fighter jets don't match reality. The author says that India has not received the Russian Su-57 and will not receive the American F-35. It is noted that the United States is trying to push through a contract for the purchase of "special versions of F-16 fighters for India - F-21." However, these aircraft cannot be equated to the category of those that can renew the fleet.

The Indian Air Force has a much worse real combat effectiveness than it appears in their data on paper. It is noted that when selling to India, the price of aircraft increases in a strange way. An example is a deal with France for the supply of Rafale fighters. According to the contract, each of the supplied "Rafales" cost the country's budget more than $ 200 million. India does not exclude that there was a corruption component in the deal.

Here is a quote from the material:

"India was eyeing F-35 fighters, but the US doused the Indians with a bucket of cold water."

According to the Chinese author, the Americans are not going to sell their newest fighters to New Delhi because of the contract for the supply of S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems from Russia. At the same time, he emphasizes that India “does not have any definite strategy regarding the renewal of its aircraft fleet.

It is worth noting that India intends to develop its own 5th generation fighter. In the best case, work on its creation and transfer to the Air Force will be completed in 2032. We are talking about the project of the AMSA fighter.

The Chinese will not sell to competitors.

They will buy from the Chinese)

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