India finally abandoned the Su-57, showing a "worthy replacement"

In India, they announced the complete abandonment of Russian Su-57 fighters.

The Indian media published material stating that the Indian Air Force has finally abandoned the Russian Su-57 fighters, which not only do not satisfy Delhi with their characteristics and capabilities, but also have a fairly high cost. As a “worthy replacement” for the Russian Su-57, India introduced its fifth-generation combat aircraft.

According to media reports, the development of the fifth-generation Indian fighter is already underway, while the fighter can be demonstrated for the first time before the end of the next decade, while this combat aircraft will have to make its first flight by the year 2032.

The characteristics of their fifth-generation combat fighter in India are not disclosed, however, according to some reports, we are talking about a supersonic aircraft created using "stealth" technologies.

Nevertheless, independent analysts are very skeptical, believing that at best, a fifth-generation fighter will be in service with the Indian Air Force no earlier than 2040.

“India is not particularly famous for the development of military aircraft. Even if by the 2040 year this country has acquired its fifth generation fighter, Russia, China and the United States will already have sixth generation fighters. ”, - said the analyst