India plans to abandon the purchase of 140 Russian military helicopters

India may break the contract for the purchase of 140 Russian military helicopters.

Despite a contract previously concluded with Russia for the supply of Russian Ka-140 military helicopters to India, Delhi is considering the possibility of breaking the deal. This is a contract worth several billion dollars.

"Head of the holding «Helicopters of Russia» said Sunday that India was delaying the signing of a firm agreement to purchase 140 helicopters, despite providing all the information. ”- The Indian Times reports.

What exactly can be connected with the refusal of the transaction is not reported, however, experts do not exclude that this may be due to several factors, for example, the unacceptability of these rotorcraft, or Russia's refusal to transfer India the right to assemble helicopters in the territory of this state.

It is noteworthy that until recently, the issue of increasing the volume of the contract to 400 rotorcraft was considered, however, “delaying” the signing of a firm agreement may mean that a deal between Moscow and Delhi may not take place at all, although there have not yet been any official statements from India .