India buys a large batch of Russian MiG-29, which they called "terrible fighters"

India plans to acquire the 34 Russian MiG-29 fighter.

According to the information provided by the Indian media, in the near future India intends to conclude a contract with Russia to buy 34 fighter jets MiG-29CMT, which several months ago criticized, calling Russian combat aircraft "terrible."

To date, India has 62 combat fighters MiG-29, however, about six months ago, the Indian media said that the Indian Air Force commanders intend to write off some of these aircraft, because they can not be used to perform combat missions. According to the latest information, as part of the contract with Russia for the purchase of the 21 MiG-29 fighter, India intends to acquire more 13 MiG-29CMT combat aircraft from the presence of the Russian HQs.

What exactly is the reason for this decision of India, which actively criticized Russian combat aircraft, is still unknown, however. According to Avia.pro, the reason may well be favorable terms of the contract, so, in particular, we are talking about the relatively low cost of MiG-29CMT fighters - one such aircraft will cost only about 40 million dollars.

It was not India that called these planes terrible. and brehlivy site avia pro. Usually, he first comes up with the news, and then he himself denies them.

40 million low cost ??? Sane? For used \ shaggy years is a very awesome price.

Corrupt Indian journalists write fakie under the dictation of the Americans.

He is such a terrible your plane, but if you give us a discount on it, we will buy it!

By "terrible" they meant "scary for enemies"!

Everything is normal ... This is a market-bargained and ... Bought.