C-400 SAM


India will receive Russian C-400 only by 2025 year

India will not receive Russian C-400 before 2025 year.

The head of the Rostec corporation, Sergey Chemezov, announced that the deliveries of Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems to India are scheduled only for the 2025 year. A similar statement came against the backdrop of India making an advance payment of several hundred million dollars and asking Russia to expedite the delivery of these air defense and missile defense systems.

Given the statement made, at the moment there is no doubt that the contract concluded between Russia and India will be carried out within strictly agreed terms, moreover, analysts believe that there are some difficulties with the production of Russian air defense / missile defense systems, expressed mainly in the absence of free capacities for the production of these air defense systems.

It is noteworthy that a few days earlier it became known that Saudi Arabia also plans to purchase Russian C-400, however, given the pressure from the United States, there are a lot of questions regarding the sale of Russian systems to this country, especially since the agreements between Moscow and Riyadh were concluded in the 2017 year, but until today they have not budged.

It should be clarified that recently, Indian media have sharply criticized the Russian S-400 air defense systems, arguing that there are a number of doubts regarding the effectiveness of these air defense / missile defense systems.