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India publicly criticized Russian T-90 tanks - technical faulty combat vehicles

India has subjected Russian T-90 tanks to harsh criticism.

The Indian military called the Russian T-90 tanks terrible combat vehicles, stating that they are technically faulty, and therefore, their actual use in a combat situation is under a very big question. So, according to the military, these combatants can fail at the most crucial moment, in connection with which India should not rely on Russian weapons.

As a well-grounded example, India cites the example of tank biathlon, during which Indian crews lost because of "mechanical problems" of Russian combat vehicles.

“Referring to a high-ranking officer of the Indian Armed Forces, Siddiqvi writes that the T-90 tank“ has its own problems ”. From an article that points to the "reason" for the failure of the Indian military in the tank biathlon in Russia: During the tank biathlon held in Russia in August 2017, when tankers from 19 countries competed in simulated battle conditions to determine which crew was better, the Indian army was defeated due to the fact that the main and reserve T-90 tanks had mechanical problems. A strange statement, as well as a strange attempt to determine the main culprit of the unsatisfactory result at those competitions is not the crew and technical personnel from the Indian delegation, but the tank. ", - about it сообщает Russian edition "Military Review".

Such arguments of the Indian side are more than strange, especially given the tact that a few weeks ago India threatened the Chinese military with the use of these combat vehicles, for the protection of which the PRC does not have effective weapons.

Rave? 2017 The Indians rode the T-90. Are you surprised? After that, they did not participate like

Then the boomerang of the curve then comes back at the wrong time)

Not so long ago, India "criticized" and refused to buy our fighters. We bought French ones. But they quickly became disillusioned with them, now they are again thinking about ours. What can you do, the country is poor, but there is a lot of money, the truth of the mind is small.

Tell the Indians and the author of this outburst that in the tank biathlon, everyone except the Chinese competes on modifications of the T-72 tank.

Quote: "The main difficulty was with the night vision system, which refused to work in desert conditions at high temperatures." Interestingly, the night vision system implies operation at NIGHT, and at night in the desert there are just LOW temperatures. This is the case for "professionals" who would only be blinded by nonsense.

Who wrote that?

In 2018, India brought its T-90 tanks to the tank biathlon. They broke two of them in the semifinals, and now they blame Russia.

Author, it must be pointed out that these are modern fairy tales, the grief of inventors, otherwise the people are at a loss ...

Technique is in the hands of a savage, this is ... that is, something always interferes with a bad dancer.

I think this is very ugly on the part of India, they even try the sausage in the store before they buy it, but they put themselves out on the sidelines. for which you would not buy.

According to columnist Huma Siddiqvi, in 2017, during the tank biathlon competition in Russia, the Indian military was defeated due to mechanical defects.

on the biathlon t-72 ........ although ..... when the hands are out of ... the fifth point ... who is to blame ... right ... the cart ...

It is not forbidden to come to TB with your own equipment. The Indians came a couple of times with their T-90s, the Chinese constantly come with theirs. Belarusians are also not participating in our T-72s, but in their own.

Sergey, the Indians came to the tank biathlon several times with their T-90s. Search videos from 2017 and you will see.

strange because in biathlon T-72a tanks are not T-90

The gypsies have something in mind, they will knock down prices for something

T-90s do not participate in tank biathlon. What nonsense. There are T-72 tanks and Chinese tanks.