India has decided to buy 110 MiG-35 fighters - the contract is estimated at more than $ 5 billion

India has become the largest buyer of Russian MiG-35 fighters.

As part of the international air show in India, Russian aircraft manufacturers and military representatives of India managed to reach an agreement on the conclusion of a contract for the supply of Russian MiG-35 fighters to the Indian Air Force. We are talking about 110 combat aircraft, which, taking into account the cost of one combat vehicle, allows us to approve the conclusion of a contract worth more than $ 5 billion.

“Moscow and Delhi have tentatively agreed on the joint production of the MiG-35 in case the Russian Federation wins the tender for 110 fighters,” said Vladimir Drozhzhov, Deputy Head of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia. He stated that a preliminary agreement has been reached with the Indian corporation HAL. According to him, Rosoboronexport has already sent the Indian side an offer to supply MiG-35 fighters as part of the received request for information (RFI), and during the MAKS-2019 airshow, Indian pilots flew the MiG-35 ”, - about it сообщает news agency Interfax.

Taking into account the existing agreements, experts believe that India has already made a decision that the MiG-35 fighters will win the tender, since today this aircraft has the greatest potential among other participants in the announced tender, moreover, it is one of the cheapest fighters. not to mention the simplicity of its maintenance and high flight performance.

it will turn out like with the Armenian moment - they will stand in the hangar until the drones bomb their base!

Your stuff hasn't been made for a long time, and our Russian aircraft are the best in terms of price and quality.

And what do the Egyptians, Chinese, Indians fly on?
Will we meet here after the show?

where the truth is, in the SU 35 smoke or in the contract for the MiG 29 and SU 30, it looks like a lie in both cases. Our trash is in demand only with us, and there is not enough of it in parts