India decided to buy Russian Su-30MKI 1,5 times more expensive than the F-35, because it is better

India decided to buy Russian Su-30MKI fighters for the price of one American F-35.

Despite the threat of imposing sanctions on India for the purchase of Russian MiG-29 and Su-30MKI fighters promised by Washington, India not only decided to enter into a contract with Russia for the supply of these aircraft, but was ready to pay $ 1,3 billion for them, which means that the cost of one Su-30MKI fighter purchased by New Delhi is almost 110 million dollars, which is 1.5 times more than the cost of American F-35s.

“On Thursday, July 2, a meeting of members of the Defense Procurement Council was held in this country. It was attended by the head of the Indian military department Rajnath Singh. The result of this meeting was the approval of a deal with Russia for the acquisition of MiG-29 fighters. It was decided to purchase 21 aircraft of this model, the PTI agency writes. According to agency sources, the country will spend about $ 29 million on the purchase and modernization of the MiG-980. New Delhi will pay more than $ 12 billion for 30 Su-1,3MKI fighters, - about it сообщает publication.

Specialists cannot yet comment on such a high cost of one Russian Su-30MKI fighter, however, there is an assumption that India specifically raised the price of Russian combat aircraft in order to expedite the conclusion of the contract, as it was repeatedly emphasized that these combat aircraft are needed by New Delhi is very urgent, in addition, India considers them the best.

The Russian side has not yet commented on the conclusion of a contract with India.

Do you even understand what you wrote ?! Where did 850 Tigers suddenly find near Kursk ?! Everything else is even funny to comment on.

The contract probably says in small letters that the US planes are sold without weapons, maintenance and adaptation, or any other significant options. It is hardly believed that F35 in some universe can be cheaper than SU30, all other things being equal.

The Great Patriotic War showed that quantity has the quality of superiority over quality. In the Kursk battle, the number of T34 exceeded the German tanks three times, despite the fact that 850 tigers participated in this battle, they could not turn the tide of the battle, although they significantly exceeded our tanks in the armor and the range of penetration of our tanks.

Well, that is not in Ukrainian.

the price of the F-35 is export 85-88 million dollars .. without extra .. Su-30 without extra about 70-75 million .. and the amount of 110 million there and two engines and the term extra ... so not 1,5 times. .affor expert of course

The following is not clear in the article: either the entire batch of su will be acquired by one f 35, or one Su 35 will be equal to or more expensive than F 35. The Russian language in the article is weak.

It is impossible for the Amerov plane to be cheaper in principle, but about one and a half times ... rather the opposite.

Where are the details of the contract? Our usually with planes still have a bunch of bonuses fixed - additional equipment, spare parts, training, service.

It is useless to calculate the price per unit for the total amount. It is necessary to watch the contract itself. If there is anything besides airplanes. Usually we conclude package contracts, spare parts, consumables, staff training, ammunition, a lot of nuances. The final price of a bird can be 80, and 50 lyam per piece.

The average price of F35 is 95 lyam, where the difference is 1.5 times (I had 3 in math, but I think I'm better than the Author).
Plus, our fighters come complete with spare parts and not "shack" like the F35.

There are quite a few rich people in India. Now it’s even more.