Launch of the C-400 missile


India: Russia forced us to buy our C-400 - we do not need them

India has criticized the Russian C-400, stating that their purchase is connected with coercion from Russia.

The Indian edition of Money Control published scandalous material in which military observer and expert Abhijit Ayer-Mitra stated that the purchase of the Russian C-400 "Triumph" anti-aircraft systems is coercive from Russia - in fact, according to India, These complexes do not frighten anyone, and New Delhi does not need them.

“What the US does not understand yet is the fact that the deal was made under duress due to insufficient purchases from Russia. India has canceled its participation in the ill-fated Su-57 program, which has hit the Russian industry. India simply could not afford to buy a plane that would be outdated until it went into mass production. As a result, buy C-400 ", - the statement of the Indian specialist edition "Military Review".

What kind of coercion is in question, Abhijit Ayer-Mitra did not elaborate, but a few weeks ago in the Indian media there appeared information that this country was considering the possibility of acquiring American air defense and missile defense systems instead of Russian C-400.

Another rat some kind of rats. ALL know that the Russian C-400 is the BEST in the WORLD and how could Russia force it, did it put on cancer? Russia is not the United States, it’s Pindos wanting to get their shit out of their hands!

Complete nonsense. Hindu is not only impossible to force but difficult to deceive. These projects they punched for themselves!

So, as the United States puts an ultimatum to Turkey, if Turkey does not buy the Patriots from them, then the United States will withdraw F-16 supplies, then that's fine. Blackmail from the United States is normal and sets in for everyone, but as Russia sold really good complexes, it was at once "Russia forced blackmail .... blablabla .." ..............
What is this?

Hindus knock down prices. Sell ​​Pakistan, let them scratch turnip.

We do not care where to deliver. India will not take, Pakistan will take.

Behind this nonsense are very big money that paid to write this nonsense. Somewhere I have heard something like that, only in a different version: Russia is already weak, it does not have such weapons as it was in the USSR, therefore, it can be attacked and the one who attacked, nothing for it will not.

Lesha, you're from a cohort of people who eat all the crap and are happy, you are crap

Russians have a critical thinking zero, people are children. pendosy, drive, pissing rags, etc. But to think where to get something advanced against the backdrop of the decomposition of both high school and enterprises as places of work, there is not enough mind.

What nonsense .. who can force to buy something? India is not yet part of Russia.
IMHO, nonsense either wrote or said. Moreover, this is not an official position, but the words of some "expert" ..

See still forever from Wukgaina plan teht
for the term “broken cloths” in Russia is not used

It's time to drive the Indians with pissing rags! These are not the clever Indians we knew. This generation of Indians who received education from pendosov, respectively, absorbed hatred of everything Russian. Selling them something, it only spoil their image. They still obgadat all the same, and given that we love getting money later, and not on a prepaid basis, they still will not pay.

Indians are capricious. do not want to buy do. They want to get technology as always. And they never saw a fig!

Or do the Indians also, like the Turks, cheat the US? The Turks take time out for two weeks, while they themselves send their military to Russia to study at C-400. Clever.
And India "complains" to the United States that Russia "compels" them to purchase these systems (because they are the best). Total. India has C-400 capable of shooting down US and NATO aircraft, not Patriots who do not work against US aircraft. Q.E.D.