India: Russian fighters are a stone age

India refused to buy Russian combat fighters.

Despite the fact that, until recently, the Indian Air Force was actively exploiting Soviet and Russian combat aircraft, it became known that this country was preparing to acquire X-NUMX American F-110V fighters without even considering the purchase of Russian-made aircraft. Such a decision, according to the Indian side, is due to the low cost of American warplanes, their high efficiency, as well as acceptable reliability.

According to the Chinese edition “Sina”, the main reason for the refusal to buy Russian combat aircraft from India is their small efficiency, while the very same Su-35 will cost India a huge amount.

“The Indian side is interested in buying 110 American F-16V fighters. We were forced to abandon the acquisition of Russian aircraft due to their low efficiency. In fact, compared to American fighters, Russian fighters are a stone age. "- comment on this information in the Indian press.

It should be clarified that the cost of buying X-NUMX American F-110 combat fighters would cost India’s budget only 16 billion dollars, while buying Russian Su-6 fighter jets in the same amount would cost 35-2 more expensive, however in their combat qualities, the Russian Su-3 aircraft are significantly superior to the American F-35, which is expressed both in armament and maneuverability.


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