India is going to buy the Su-57 because of the sheer uselessness of the French Rafale fighters

India called the purchase of French Rafale fighters a waste of money and wants to buy a batch of Su-57.

India was disappointed with the acquired French Rafale fighters and intends to acquire a batch of Russian fifth-generation Su-57 combat aircraft in the near future. In terms of their cost, Russian Su-57s are cheaper than French fighters, however, at the same time, they significantly surpass them in their combat qualities and performance.

To date, Russian Su-57s cannot yet be supplied to Russian foreign partners due to the lack of an export version, in connection with which India decided to purchase a batch of Su-30 and MiG-29 fighters, however, according to Russian expert Igor Korotchenko, as soon as India gets the right to acquire the Su-57, it will immediately take advantage of this, since the conflict between Delhi and Beijing showed the banal unpreparedness of the Indian Air Force for any clashes.

“A difficult issue on the Su-57 is at the stage of negotiations: for India, the renewal of the military aircraft fleet has become an important problem after the recent conflicts with China in the military sphere. As for the FGFA, this is the export version of the Su-57 "- said Igor Korotchenko.

It is not known what exactly India did not like about the French fighters, however, the cost of two French Rafale fighters is comparable to the cost of three Russian fifth-generation Su-57 fighters.

It's just that salaries in France are higher, so planes are more expensive.

We will sell, only the prices need to be raised.


The Indians there with America decided to cooperate closely ... they threw us in the development of the su-57 ... well, we will roll out "what they need" conditions.

And even then, immediately after the Indians refused from the FGFA, I wrote that the Indians made a monstrous mistake, and that China and Pakistan would punish them for this demonstratively; simultaneously showing what the mistake was - but it may be irreparably late!

I got this India: buy - not buy ... I arranged a camomile here