India has written off the last Soviet antisubmarine aircraft Tu-142M

Indian Navy refused operation of Soviet anti-aircraft Tu-142M.

Despite the fact that the Soviet Tu-142M anti-submarine aircraft were in service with the Indian Navy for more than 30 years, and were considered very effective at the same time, the military command of this country came to the opinion that it was necessary to write off them. Until now, the Indian Navy was armed with 3 Tu-142M aircraft, two of which will be sent for recycling, and one of them will be placed in the Air Museum.

It is necessary to clarify that unlike India, Russia still continues to operate these aircraft, in particular, according to 2016 years, Russian Navy has been in use 15 Tu-142M.

So maybe the two have to buy back cheaply.

The term "Aircraft" applies only to civil aircraft. Ashamed, Avia.Pro!

And what will replace them? Nothing at all? Submarines do not write off their failure on the quiet, our partners.

And where is the author dug up in the Russian navy already 15 Tu-142m?
Or it there is no difference between M, MH, MR?



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