India: Su-Xnumx turned out to be worse than French Rafale

It became known why India decided to abandon the purchase of Russian Su-35 fighters in favor of the French Rafale.

The reason for India’s refusal to acquire Russian Su-35 fighters was the mismatch of these combat aircraft with the expectations of the Indian Air Force. According to media reports, in fact, Russian fighters turned out to be worse than the French Rafale, although they are cheaper, and therefore, they had to refuse to purchase them, and in the near future the acquisition of these aircraft is not considered.

Compared with the French fighters, the Russian Su-35, as it turned out, are equal in their combat capabilities, but at the same time unsuitable for operation on aircraft carriers. Given the fact that India intends to begin putting aircraft carriers into operation, the French Rafale are indeed more acceptable to New Delhi.

“In fact, the general characteristics of the Rafale show that this is a model that can be used on deck. French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle uses Rafale M. fighters. India also has a plan to build a new aircraft carrier, so India’s desire to choose a model that you can rely on in the future is understandable. In this regard, the Su-35 really turned out to be worse, and does not meet the requirements of India ", - informs the information publication "Sina"With reference to the Indian media.

It should be clarified that the Russian Su-35 really can not be used on aircraft carriers, however, it is expected that in the near future these combat aircraft will undergo modernization and will receive such a unique property.

any deck aircraft is a priori inferior to the deck analog ...

Hindus are small traders, they want a lot and for little money. The fact that Rafal is not better, but worse is unequivocal. All the characteristics of the Su-35 are distorted in favor of Rafal. Indians want no more than getting technology for free. Therefore, they go to a flawed deal, trying to break off the Russian Federation. Let them buy Rafal, and we must sell Su-35 to Pakistan. Reality will prove whose plane is better.

Gentlemen, just let’s remember that the Indians and Gypsies of one field of the berry ... There’s no need to talk further!

Indian dances, Rafal is not better, it’s insanity, a hedgehog can’t be a squirrel.

"however, it is expected that in the near future these combat aircraft will undergo modernization and get such a unique property" - the author at least imagines a complex of alterations in the aircraft, in order to make it deck ?? This is a practically new glider, with a noticeably increased mass. Su-35C is no longer "thin" now. Which deck can come out of it? What kind of nonsense?

This is India. For them, a Russian-made Kalashnikov assault rifle is bad, and the same Bulgarian production is what you need! And Russian submarines of the "wrong system". Nonsense not even those. In a word to sniff - then buy cheaper. That's the whole point of the claims.
The power of the sabbuffer on airplanes did not suit them, and the seat upholstery is not in the right color ...



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