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India is interested in buying several hundred Russian tanks - China is categorically against

India intends to purchase several hundred Russian Sprut tanks.

After India almost outright lost the armed conflict on the border with China, Delhi seriously thought about purchasing several hundred Russian Sprut light tanks. Russia is ready to satisfy India's demand, however, Beijing is preparing quite serious troubles - China is categorically opposed to the supply of Russian weapons to India, since Russian Octopus pose a very serious threat to Chinese troops located on the border with India.

Earlier, the resource Avia.pro already reported that India is looking for suppliers of light tanks, since the heavy Russian T-90 and T-72 are not suitable for warfare in mountainous areas. Despite the fact that the Sprut, in fact, is not even a tank, this combat vehicle has enormous potential and can easily penetrate the armor of even heavy tanks, which means an almost complete defeat of the Chinese armored forces located on the border.

Today, several foreign companies are ready to satisfy India's requests at once, however, Delhi believes that the cheaper Russian Octopus are much more effective in confronting the Chinese army.

Experts, in turn, draw attention to the fact that the deal between India and Russia may break down due to possible pressure from China, which is one of the largest buyers of Russian weapons.

Are they threatening ?? Come on!
but a year ago the Chinese said that their tanks were head and shoulders above the Russian ones, but here, it turns out, they pose a threat ...