The aircraft Be-200


Indonesia wants to buy Russian aircraft Be-200

Russia is in talks with Indonesia on the supply of aircraft Be-200.

Russian multipurpose amphibious aircraft Be-200 very much interested in the Indonesian authorities, in connection with which the Russian experts believe is already within 1-2 the next few months will be able to conclude a lucrative contract to supply at least four aircraft of this model, which is expected to be able to used for a variety of purposes, ranging from search and rescue operations, and ending with the extinguishing of forest fires.

His interest in Indonesia to the Russian Be-200 has shown in the last year, however, the first steps to conclude a lucrative contract only beginning to be carried out today. In addition, it is expected that in the near future the Russian planes and can be delivered to other Asian countries.

Their customers are being ripped off by supplies, but want to supply to the world market. Although there are no analogues of such an airplane at anybody - they will wait and tolerate with the service then there will be however all.



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