Information from the black boxes


Information from the black boxes of Boeing 777: the plane suffered extensive damage due to the explosion

The information extracted from the flight recorders of the crashed passenger airliner Boeing 777 in Ukraine indicates that the aircraft received massive damage from shrapnel due to a powerful explosion.

At the moment, experts from Farnborough are trying to find out whether the damage was attributable to the Buk system, or whether the aircraft was destroyed by another weapon. It is worth noting that so far experts do not risk putting forward any versions, however, as it became known, when any ammunition hit the plane, decompression almost instantly occurred, as a result of which the plane lost control almost immediately.

To date, mainly deals with the 2 major version of what happened:

  • The airplane was destroyed by Buk;
  • The PASSADIR airliner was destroyed directly by the air force.

It is expected that more information will be available by the end of this week.