Infoteka 24: Partial mobilization announced in Azerbaijan

Media reports about the beginning of partial mobilization in Azerbaijan as well.

The information publication Infoteka24, citing its own sources, reports that the mobilization of citizens has begun on the territory of Azerbaijan. We are talking about partial mobilization, however, the latter was not officially announced by Baku. According to journalists, mobilization measures in Azerbaijan may be related to Baku's preparation for large-scale military operations.

“Partial mobilization has been announced in Azerbaijan. This was announced by Azerbaijani opposition blogger Suleyman Suleymanli. He claims that Aliyev's goal is to create a new state of "Zangezur-Geycha" on the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia", - leads information publication "Infoteka 24".

To date, there is no direct evidence that the mobilization of citizens has really begun in Azerbaijan, however, it is known that so far the situation on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan is very tense. In particular, shooting was heard on the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia the night before, which could be a provocation.

Baku has not yet commented on the information published by Infoteka 24.