Foreign ships began mass movement along the humanitarian corridor, ignoring Russia's warnings

Foreign ships are heading to Ukraine through the closed zone in the Black Sea, ignoring Russia's statements.

Foreign ships under the flags of Turkey and Panama ignored Russia's official statement about the suspension of participation in the grain deal, following through the closed areas of the maritime space between Crimea and the coast of Ukraine.

At the moment, it is known that two ships are moving towards Ukraine. Moreover, apparently, the ships temporarily turn off the possibility of their tracking, since the ship under the Panamanian flag simply unexpectedly appeared in the Black Sea heading for Chernomorsk.

Moreover, off the coast of Ukraine, ships lining up at the entrance to the humanitarian corridor, already loaded with fertilizer and grain, can be replaced, preparing to move to the southern part of the Black Sea.

Apparently, the ships are guided by the traffic permit issued by Turkey, Ukraine and UN representatives. At the same time, it remains unknown how Russia will react to such actions, whose decision to suspend participation in the grain deal was simply ignored.

According to earlier reports, Turkish warships may be involved in escorting ships with grain, but the activity of the latter has not yet been recorded.


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