Crash MH17


Foreign media: the EU and the US are to blame for the MH17 tragedy

The media accused Western countries of the MH17 plane crash on the territory of Ukraine.

Immediately two news agencies, the German news publication Correctiv and the Australian edition of The Sydney Morning Herald, blamed the tragedy on the leadership of the EU countries and the US, who knew about the existing danger during the flight of civil aircraft through the territory of Ukraine, but did not consider it necessary to take appropriate measures.

Among other things, news media also referred to the fact that the investigators working to identify the perpetrators of the tragedy deliberately delay the publicization of the official report, trying to blame Russia for everything, although in fact, all possible causes of the MH17 voyage were so examined and there was no evidence that The plane was destroyed by the missile also, and besides, for unknown reasons, experts simply refuse to listen to the testimony of witnesses of this catastrophe, noting their incompetence.