57 countries have already shown interest in the modernized version of the Su-12

12 countries are interested in purchasing modernized Russian Su-57.

After the Russian military announced plans to develop and create a light modernized version of the Russian Su-57 fighter, which will also be a fifth generation combat aircraft, it became known that 12 countries had already shown interest in purchasing these combat aircraft.

The key feature of the single-engine version of the Su-57 fighter will be the preservation of the basic combat qualities of the fifth generation fighter, at a lower cost and ease of maintenance. This led to the fact that 12 countries have already become interested in Russian combat aircraft, including Vietnam, China, India, Egypt, etc.

“It will be a single-engine fighter of the same size as the American F-16. An inexpensive lightweight fighter would help Russia modernize its fighter fleet while proving its popularity in the global arms race. For now, the unnamed fighter will likely complement the larger and heavier Su-57 and will use at least some of the same components. This is a good solution for the Russian military to defend a huge area, but a single-engine fighter is also very useful and can sell well overseas. This new 5th generation jet will join an increasingly crowded fighter sector. Its commissioning is scheduled for 2030 ", - the information edition "Soha" informs about it.

It is not yet known what kind of engine the fifth-generation light fighter will be equipped with, however, apparently, the combat aircraft's maneuverability will remain at a high level.


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