Interfax: a drone exploded at a military airfield in the Kaluga region

The drone exploded at the air base of long-range bomber aviation in the Kaluga region.

An unmanned aerial vehicle exploded on the runway of the Shaikovka air base. The type of drone is not yet known, however, apparently, the latter could fly a very significant distance, or it was launched directly from the territory of the Russian Federation.

Long-range bomber aircraft were previously located at the Shaikovka airfield. At the same time, according to the governor of the Kaluga region, the destruction and casualties were avoided, while the operation of the military airfield was not disrupted as a result of the incident.

“An unmanned aerial vehicle, presumably flown in from abroad, crashed and exploded at the Shaikovka military airfield in the Kaluga region on Friday,” Governor Vladislav Shapsha said. “There are no casualties. The airfield infrastructure and equipment were not damaged. There is no threat to work,” Shapsha wrote in his official Telegram channel. The causes of the incident are being established by the investigative-operational group working on the spot,” he added., - the Interfax agency cites information.

According to experts, we can talk about an attack that could be directed directly against the infrastructure of a military air base, as well as against long-range bomber aircraft, although no one has taken responsibility for the attack at the moment.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has not yet made official comments on this matter.


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