Airline IrAero


"IrAero" to launch flights Omsk - Krasnoyarsk

Air company "IrAero" will launch flights between Omsk and Krasnoyarsk.

Flights on the route Omsk - Krasnoyarsk - Omsk will be launched by the domestic air carrier "IrAero" from November 2, and will last until 24 March 2018. The main reason for the organization of flights in this itinerary is the high demand for flights among passengers, while the information and news agency has learned that flights will be flown at a frequency of once a week, on Thursdays.

The cost of air tickets for Omsk - Krasnoyarsk - Omsk flights is still unknown, however, future passengers can familiarize themselves with the flight schedule directly from the company's representatives or at the airport.