Iraq begins new negotiations on the purchase of Russian S-400 and MiG-29 fighters

In Iraq, they decided to switch to Russian weapons.

After the US authorities refused to supply official Baghdad with their medium and long-range anti-aircraft missile systems, it became known that Iraq decided to resume negotiations with Russia on the acquisition of Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems. Obviously, the decision has already been made within the country, since a few days ago, Deputy Prime Minister for Defense Industry Yuri Borisov arrived in this Middle Eastern state.

At the moment, the details of Borisov's visit to Iraq have not been announced, however, in addition to the interest of the Iraqi military in the Russian S-400 Triumph complexes, the possibility of acquiring a fairly large batch of Russian MiG-29 fighters, which will have to replace almost all released the F-16 fighters previously supplied by the United States were out of action.

Today, Iraq is a good Russian partner, actively acquiring Russian weapons, and even despite the fact that Washington has repeatedly threatened Baghdad with the introduction of sanctions.

Experts draw attention to the fact that if Iraq acquires the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems, it could become a country with the most powerful air defense system in the entire Middle East.

The only pity is that Russia will not be able to sell the MiG-29, the factory for the production of MiGs has been destroyed.

Lie from first to last letter. Why does Iraq need long-range air defense systems, with whom is it fighting?