Launch of the C-400 missile


Iraq officially announced the purchase of Russian C-400

Iraq has officially announced the purchase of Russian C-400.

Iraq intends to become the next buyer of Russian C-400. The Iraqi ambassador in Moscow, Haidar Mansur Hadi, officially announced this at a press conference following the eighth meeting of the Russian-Iraqi intergovernmental commission on trade, economic, and scientific and technical cooperation.

“With regard to air defense systems, the Iraqi government has made a decision. It wants to purchase C-400. ”- stated Haydar Mansur Hadi.

Earlier, the Iraqi authorities really discussed the possibility of buying Russian C-400 air defense systems, but this statement was the first official, which in turn means that Russia and Iraq are actively negotiating on this issue.

Moreover, earlier, a photo of a stand appeared on the Web, on which the C-400 complex was indeed depicted, which was located in Iraq, which indicates that Iraq is extremely interested in these systems.

At the moment, neither the volume of purchases, nor the value of the transaction are not discussed, however. Considering the official statement, a contract between Russia and Iraq can be concluded before the end of this year.

In the US, they refused any comments.

This is to protect themselves from the attacks of the gang of NATO. In which case they will be able to stand up for themselves.



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