Iraq refused to buy Russian MiG-29 fighters, choosing Turkish "Bayraktars"

In Iraq, they decided to spend $ 100 million not on Russian MiG-29s, but on Turkish Bayraktar TB2s.

The Iraqi authorities, contrary to the recommendations of representatives of the defense department of this country, decided to abandon the acquisition of Russian MiG-29 fighters. According to the authorities of this country, today the use of Bayraktar TB2 drones is more effective, in connection with which they decided to spend about $ 100 million on the purchase of these UAVs.

“The Iraqi authorities have approved the purchase of a Bayraktar TB2 UAV for $ 100 million from Turkey. The UAVs will be used to protect mountainous and desert areas, especially the Syrian border, where the situation has been unfavorable in recent times ", - a Turkish source reports.

Earlier it was assumed that Iraq could acquire 12 Russian MiG-29 fighters, selling American F-16 fighters currently in service with the country, however, apparently under US pressure, Baghdad was probably forced to abandon the acquisition of these aircraft.

Taking into account the cost of one Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drone, Iraq intends to receive about 20 unmanned aerial vehicles into service, however, at the same time, Iraqi airspace will be unprotected, since Turkish drones cannot be used to intercept enemy aircraft.

It's very strange to compare drones with fighters. If they need an aerial vehicle to attack purely ground targets, then it is quite logical to buy drones, they are cheaper, especially in maintenance. But a drone cannot completely replace a fighter jet, not to mention the fact that drones still do not know how to deal with air targets.

This is definitely not a fake? Are in power Bedouins from the desert or corrupt (but what about Islam) officials through and through, "not remembering" who destroyed their country? How can fighters and plastic "butterflies" be equalized?

Probably, even 12 qualified pilots cannot find to operate such complex technical devices.

Sponsor their own enemies! Keep it up ... But Bayraktar will not replace the Fighter. Well, let them take the trash, then they will also spend on fighters.