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Iraq refused to support the United States in the fight against Iran

Iraq's foreign minister refused to support the US struggle with Iran.

Despite US attempts to blockade Iran, the Iraqi authorities refused to provide any assistance to Washington, as the head of the foreign ministry of this country said quite directly.

According to Iraqi Foreign Minister Mohammed Ali Alhakim, Baghdad completely rejects the unilateral measures taken by the United States. He said that Iraq maintains relations with its neighbor, Iran, and will act as an intermediary between both parties, adding that Baghdad does not consider the “economic blockade” to be justified in any way.

Taking into account the statement by the Foreign Ministry of Iraq, this country will continue to render all assistance to Iran, including in the fight against terrorists in the territory of neighboring Syria, since it is through Iraqi territory that the Iranian military are transferring military personnel to the SAR, as well as various types of weapons.

According to experts, Washington intended to get Iraq to completely block the movement of the Iranian military, including in neighboring Syria, since it is Iraq that provides its airspace for Iranian military aircraft.