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Iraq allowed Iran to shoot down any aircraft in its airspace

Iraq has banned the flight of any military aircraft in its airspace.

The Iraqi authorities have banned flights of any military aircraft in their airspace after a series of air strikes on the territory of the country. The ban will be valid until further notice, moreover, it also applies to aviation of NATO, the United States and the Western coalition participating in the military operation in Syria. It is noteworthy that a number of sources report that Baghdad reached an agreement with Iran, allowing the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps to attack any hostile targets.

It should be clarified that earlier there was information that the Iranian military had actually deployed a number of its air defense systems in the suburbs of Baghdad, and if the information is true, Iran could well begin to attack combat and reconnaissance aircraft appearing over Iraq.

On the other hand, experts pay attention to the fact that several hours ago an air strike was struck at the Syrian-Iraqi border crossing - the plane was never identified, however, according to some reports, the strike was delivered from Iraqi airspace.