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Iraq: West wants to entice Russia into a trap

Western countries want to set a trap for Russia.

After the recent exacerbation of the conflict in Syria, caused by active hostilities from the Western countries, this topic became No. 1 in all world media. Neighboring Iraq, which regards the missile attack on the night of April 14 as nothing more than a provocation aimed at Russia in general and its president in particular, made its opinion on the state of affairs.

Iraqi experts do not deny the possible fabrication of the case of the use of chemical weapons, which became a pretext for a missile strike.

"One can not find reasonable motives for the Syrian regime to take such actions (despite the brutality and cruelty of the crimes committed by him earlier). At that time, the situation was in favor of Assad, and he would not risk, provoke the wrath of the West. In addition, at a meeting with the leaders of Iran and Turkey, the Russian president announced the end of the war in favor of the Syrian authorities. These statements were close to reality, which was confirmed by almost all the world's media, - the Iraqi side informs.

Who believes that the Americans experienced suffering at the sight of the peaceful population killed by chemical weapons, including children, and therefore opposed the Syrian authorities in order to punish them?

We must not forget how they dealt with the defeated Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait. The disarmed military carried out aimed fire from helicopters, and they died en masse.  

Did they punish themselves for bombarding shelters in Amaria and killing thousands of women and children?

Their coolness also affects the attacks of the old districts of Mosul, in which thousands of civilians died from thousands of tons of bullets and the action of poisonous gases.

If we consider the actions of all US governments, we can conclude that the American army has committed more crimes against humanity than those who according to President Trump allegedly used chemical weapons.

The problem lies in the shortsightedness of some leaders who continue to follow the American scenario. Because of their excessive narcissism and insanity, they commit stupidities, which are interpreted as an excuse for committed crimes.

Currently, President Putin is very close to making a rash move. Most likely, this is what America and its allies are counting on, who already have a plan for any Russian action aimed at drawing Russia into a deadly trap.

The Iraqi expert Mazen Ash-Sheikh came to the conclusion that the main goal of the air strike in Syria is a demonstration of Russia's combat weakness, the cowardice of its political leaders, who are unable to protect their allies and partners. President Trump wants to prove to the world that in order to solve his problems, Putin should turn to the US, and take into account their strategic interests.

Have not you, you and the little brain do not understand? That all the efforts of the West go to disrupt the championship and undermine the economy, and having engaged in an open war with Pindos, Frogs and Sakskmi freaks in Syria, will graft to the escalation of the whole European Union and against us! Here we will beat off the championship, a little armed with a new one, then it is possible to give a slap to these monsters, now it is not in our favor to act, no matter how it may seem from the side that we are being screwed. !!!

Not everything is practical about Russian values. You need to adopt the best that others have. This is the only way to "lower" those who have been snuffed to the ground and impoverish them.

Silly, stupid pindos, you with your greedy and stupid brains with a limited outlook in the circle of your native state, and not leisure for so many years to understand the Soviet man, yes, yes it is the Soviet in a good sense of the word. You all measure money and believe that all such , so you will never defeat the people who raise the honor of their ancestors, who always beat you, and we will beat. Yes, we will be in the corpses on the naked body and in bast shoes, but you and your fellow suckers will burn under your feet, however it always was. It's a pity you do not know Pindos in most of your history, so before you die and fertilize our carcasses with our lands, think carefully.

Yes Allah vseo vidio and merge and let them tie and brag and the mouth of one's zatkneyotsa ani are lost from fat that zazhralis answer all and zawseo.

I agree with you. Consolidation of society is necessary. And most importantly, we need to preserve Russian values!

Marina! "Do not boast on your way to the army, but boast on your way to the army" ... If you had even a little brains, then there would be no price, but, alas, brains are given from birth and you won't buy them later ...

We are proud of our Rus not for nothing, we have not yet transferred to the land of the Russian heroes, the Russian land will stand and stand

We must already show our air defense, in the actions, all the atoms are not lazy with Syrian missiles! It feels like our guys died in vain! For our dead tail it is necessary to wind! So as not to be so!

No one needs to wash it in the dust. This business is a godsend.
In here the American military bases and the fleet are necessary. Then NATO and the whole West will remain without the Pahan knucklebelt. Take them with your bare hands. Let them work for us, restore the justice they have destroyed, and compensate for our lost profits, as a result of the 2 world wars. Let everything be returned in multiple sizes. Then you can think about their fate and decide: let them live and benefit us and all the rest as Japan and Germany benefit America. Probably, so it will be more correct

I think on the cap of these pindos we quietly in Syria give. open conflict on the wrong hand should be beaten grandmother at the World Cup 2018.

There was not enough blue for breeding in Siberia

You can not sit without a bezvylazno at the computer - go eat - if you're hungry ... Just do not spread your feelings to the whole of Russia - she is not hungry at all ... And the fact that the Anglo-Saxons with fat are furious with their high level - so it's already ending with them - they will soon collapse in Siberia with a shaft ...

Do you need an ambulance? What is the address? Or a moron from birth?

After receiving the order of the Supreme and after checking through 3 minutes, the rocket starts. After 20 min. there is no life in the US, in Europe through 8-12 min. A small village in the Tver region.


Marina, I would like to "tear throats" together with you, but not with teeth, but with brains and weapons forged by labor hands.

Mrs. Clinton is partly right. That's how the Amers captured Iraq-bought the elite and the others shot. Our elite, with rare exceptions, is pathologically greedy and therefore corrupt. The people need to be consolidated into public and political organizations of a patriotic spirit (certainly without extremism). It is necessary to conduct explanatory work and patriotic education as in the Soviet era. Homeland in danger.

Trump and those who stand behind him or those behind whom he is afraid of losing what they had, but they had supposedly power, money. Apparently they do not think that even the STARS (which give them-a common handful of shit-life) are burned, they themselves with something or with whom they compare

And how do you know that they are not worth it?

I agree completely ...

In this life, the main thing is not football ... but the ball on which we live and the creatures that prevent us from living ..

If the woman said so .. the peasants must do. As she said .. Thank you Marina.

Not afraid of us, not the EU, not the Pindos. There is nothing more terrible and devastating than our officials. The Ministry of Emergency Situations was destroyed by 60% compared to the times of Shoigu. Natural resources of the forest, amber, metals all to the left and on the pockets of regional chenus. After the fire in Kemerovo, resigned Tuleyev, yeah, see what now he has a sweet post AND SO WITH MANY CHINOVNIKOMI AND GENERALS. Announce to all hearing, dismissed, and on the fact was simply transferred to other warm positions .. Salaries were raised, officials were reported to the president, yeah, they just forgot to say that only on paper, everyone cut off their hours and was forbidden to work for one and a half stakes. As a result, on paper, wages increased, and in pockets as.Kak after all this relate to power ?!

On the cover of the coffin will often have to be beaten

I do not have anything against Israel at all. I'm worried, but who would not worry about them in their place. and 9-th May, who arranges the Victory Parade with real veterans in the orders and where the Orthodox Shrines. We must reconcile them with the neighbors, there the Pindos water is muddied and everyone tries to push their foreheads. To drive out the Pindos and everything will work out. The Pindos are a satanic seed.

You have agreed with the oligarchs, but not with the people of Russia. We have a saying. It's not man who lives by bread alone. You can not understand the ugliness of this. Be blamed for us, we'll gulp your teeth with gryzt.Hren you, not Russia.

Try only to jerk the red monkey and hey with it! Russia beats twice, once on the head, the second on the lid of the coffin.

savvy general or go to defend your country, enough snot to let go

Buy a looser machine, or else it's already dragging along the ground. I'm afraid I can not step on it to fate. Sisk you without oil and not Russia. Pray better that I was not asked to return to the army. And then one hit on you, and the second I hit the lid of the coffin. There will be no mercy. I do not take prisoners.

They will attack the state, and they will receive the people from their homeland. A homeland can not be won.

There will be no war with the states. All stolen by our oligarchs as well as their children and America. Who from them will risk the riches?

Why an American animal? They are just the most offensive terrorist cell that is part of NATO's terrorist group.

We are not Indians, you are a stupid Anglo-Saxon! Homeland for colored papers do not change, and those who change, come running to you, so that you can exchange. We-Russia. We can stop the game in money and live in pripyavaychi.Yam it probably does not understand. Therefore, you think that everything in the countries of the world depends on the amount of waste paper in your pockets.

who kindles conflicts like monkeys with a grenade

The American animal is armed and very dangerous for the whole world. Any mutant is very dangerous, because it is a mistake of nature, in this case - very dangerous, because this mutant is very aggressive and unpredictable.

The same thing was said by the Nazis in 1941 that they would bring freedom to Russia.

Well, well, Mrs. Clinton! And I wanted to invite you to host our military bases, so that you would not bother the world as if we, the Russian Federation, is a country of evil, and you somewhere to ... divide us into small principalities and rent us different sutures.

in my opinion, "the demonstration of Russia's military weakness, the cowardice of its political leaders, who are unable to protect their allies and partners," was quite a success.

All for dollars do not buy. It's Hitler's propaganda! What kind of bogus agitation are you doing?

For the first time, to be precise, 60 missiles were fired (one fell 150 meters from the launcher), the second time 103 - of them two were delivered to Russia safe and sound, and this is already a complete failure, and no small harm to reprogram the missile defense system! If you understand literate if training CPH then no questions!

I remember the similar texts while still a schoolboy (me 50 years). Word in the word. What's new. Better masters.

America until a couple of drones in the shore will not receive, will not calm down!

In his time, Genghis Khan also conquered Russia, and the Anglo-Saxons tried, the French, the Germans thrice, the Swedes, And Russia stood as it stands, hungry but not FREE, and who will not win it, but the corrupt oligarchs in Russia do not hold, Who even once betrayed betrayer and more than once!

Eh Vovan, what are you kravozhadnyy.My single people. 1917 also fled (well, what? Berezovsky, Litvinenko, Skripal-so their Anglo-Amerikosy and destroyed, and sanctions against the algarkhs and introduced), said Putin to them, return the money in the economy of the country native and amnesty to them (as a real hrestyanin warned them). so that is not necessary. In 90 they were robbed, and now they were robbed. Here is one of the commandments you should not steal.

Iraqi expert)))

Sooner or later the US will have to pay the bills for its atrocities in this world. This is the law of nature.

We have agreed with America very competently with the oligarchs of the Russian Federation. We soon smother a number of Russian politicians, their business will be strangled. And also those who are loyal to us from the elite and the Kremlin and we help them, then they themselves are a coup and ours will enter the Kremlin. After we silently take your nuclear weapons and take them out, smoothly divide the RF into 8 states, all under the control of liberal chapters, give everyone money for 400.000 dollars to the family and that's it. In the regions let refugees from the EU and the US, Canada. Already in the regions, our agents have swept all parts of the Russian Federation and are ready to cross over to our side and betray. The FSB has long been ruled. Therefore, the goal is to give the people of the Russian Federation democracy and life, in return we help you live. The world will be governed by America. All the secret codes of air defense and military communications of the Russian Federation have been transferred to us for a long time and we even have access to the satellites of the Russian Federation, because you need money for your generals, and Putin does not give, we give generously and a lot.

We are going in the right direction, and about the bases on CUBE everything is ahead of THAT they were dug in 90-x, we raked it out for a long time

Your power, exactly depends on the United States.

In fact, they, these people, want them to be, but we, and you, including, were not there. Likewise, there would be no "putins" and "podpindosnikov" and "independent" everyone. So that the population of the planet would decrease by a factor of 5 that way. So that it would be spacious and free for them to live and feed. Only they themselves do not want everyone to know who first started. Otherwise, the hour is uneven, everything will not go according to plan, so people will know whom to lynch. The way is better for Russia, then the rest will be damned. Such a thought, I think, is wandering in the minds of these "knowledgeable" people. Not necessarily a specific nationality.

Correctly said Iraqi comrade.

In order to Russian boats to stand off the coast of the US, do not need to make noise! Under the water, the silence that a submarine likes !!! With Cuba, of course, it turned out badly, but there were serious reasons for this - then Russia had absolutely no money to maintain the base and we could not resist the US then.
Well, about the foreign policy of the United States, now it, this policy, fails, thanks to Russia's foreign policy! Then the main thing is not to succumb to the provocation of the West!

And I am calm, calm because our Government has really clearly and prudently began to evaluate and act on all the reckless and provocative actions of "pinochetics" and "mattress workers". Therefore, my President is appreciated by the whole World! ... and I am proud of it, and not whine like some of my compatriots.

Happening dear, it will happen ... about the third world has been written for a long time, but it's not time yet ... first there must be complete chaos all over the earth, the world economy must collapse, but before that the Solomon temple must be restored, and in its place until there is a mosque behind this, if you want to know the approach of the end, but it will not be a nuclear war, it will be a war in the aegis, hence the name Armageddon, the megid is a big plain in the east. Everything started there and everything ended there.

Syrian air defense almost at 100% coped with clever and accurate NOTA discs with Soviet weapons of the last century. And so that gangsters do not talk, they already warned GDP: STAND! Be afraid! It's better to hide.

YOU are right, we are on the eve of a big "kipesh". If BB can turn the tide, we will live like a human, but the "lads" and the former "kamsa" with their dough and the Pentagon roof are very serious. GOD GIVE HIM STRENGTH, Cunning and Courage!

Good afternoon.
Why are all the actions unfolding in the immediate vicinity of Russia: 1.vona in Ukraine in Syria; 2.base nato around Russia. Answer: foreign policy in the US works correctly for your country.
Why the silence is off the coast of North America (there are no Russian bases: Cuba ..., there are no submarines-which would have stood all along the perimeter of the US Answer: the power (not the country and the people and individuals) depends on the USA.

And for some reason it seemed to me from the very beginning. What is behind all these rustles and cavils is that something terrible. All this fuss is not just started, and something will be poured out. It seems that Russia is distracted from something that would switch, for something else. Every morning I watch the central news, with the thought in my head that today it will happen. Then after that everything is divided into before and after.

Putin should have given more to the development of his own economy. and rather adopt a law on confiscation and the death penalty. otherwise our aligarchs will take the last and wash themselves.

All right, so it is!

Apindosov will cool down fear of possible losses. Do not be afraid, they will not attack Russia. But they will crap.

Are you a liberalist? Who told you the funnels? Venediktov with Minkin or Serebryakov flew from Canada after drinking and with a drunken eye counted funnels

Where are your orders. , that all 105 rockets have reached - not one edition has written about such figures. can you sneak pindosu7

No need to "hum" and be clever! All the more convincing to present dubious information. There is the commander-in-chief and other military specialists, advisers, etc., who have the authority to conduct these operations and make decisions on them, and not count funnels from above, misleading the citizens of Russia!

In Russia, only threaten America, and in the end all idle talk, play the theater in front of our people. Because the castles in Europe, America and elsewhere, as well as the capital in foreign banks store, that's doing idle talk because they are hooked and pinned them to the wall!

Will you go to the Americans to strangle, or to fight in Syria?

Something in the forefront of the loss is higher than on the screen

The world is ruled by political and economic elites. And what they agreed there, they will not tell us. Maybe America promised to return some of Deripaska's money so that we did not shoot down her missiles. And everything else is a performance for us. Nebenzia embraces with Haley, etc. All these TV shows and authoritative expert opinions. One pleases that in all this chaos there are people who know what they want.

For the first time in 2017 59 achieved the goal of 58 rockets Israeli shots from above and how many funnels were there? The answer is 58! The second time recently from 105, not 103 missiles, as our say reached the goal of all 105 missiles. Of course, it would be good if our all packets would be knocked down, but unfortunately this is not nearly so. Therefore, we must seriously think about what and how to do until we are completely placed. And the fact that we love from ourselves to portray the unbeaten will not lead to anything good for us. It is necessary to really assess the situation and take appropriate measures. On the sea and in the air we lag far behind the amerikos. If we do not do anything, then we will be made complete.

The well-being of American citizens is built on blood.

The difference between us and the Americans, we always wait and talk, amerikosy say and do, they answer for their words, and this is all a consequence of the correct economic policy !!! And at us as затикали holes of oligarches people as for example Rusal or Revival

They are irritated and in hysterics, and this inevitably leads to mistakes that they are already committing.
According to this, according to Chinese wisdom - you need to sit on the shore and wait for the body of your enemy to sail along the river.

Russia does not need to help anyone anymore, otherwise humanitarian aid stretches for years, but it should have a one-time character, and also write off debts on loans, as is done for the Central Asian States, but they still look into the "forest".

tram is subject to tribunal and death penalty

The West wants to lure Russia headed by President Putin into a trap for us ??? Do not make me laugh. The whole Western world has already got into the Syrian gambit, the further the more the split between the EU and the Union will be, you will see everything yourself, we are sitting in the first row in the so-called cinema ... Everything will see, do not worry.

The whole of North America would become a desert as in the sugar Th here is bad))) Well, Russia would not have badly perepalo

hold a World Cup on football and then see who the coward is

Digging a pit digging for your growth.

Well, it is clear from the very beginning that Trump decided to intimidate us in Syria, but it turned out all the opposite - Ramp and his shavchenki - Mei and storantsuzik themselves have lost.

Thanks to the Iraqis, so it is. The mousetrap is prepared by Trump. As usual: he will fall into it. Shaitan, he is, however!



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